[SSJ-Coaches] Fw: delgado_board| MUST READ: Rescheduling of Date

Crawdad1961 crawdad1961 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 4 08:22:16 PDT 2009

For the class 3 - Delgado Coaches only...............

This just came in from the Delgadlo President. Please read and adhere to the rule.

Thank you.


Sent: Thursday, September 3, 2009 8:26:59 PM
Subject: delgado_board| MUST READ:  Rescheduling of Date

Sorry for the delay. Please read and reply to me that you have received this email.
Coaches are not allowed to reschedule home or away games on the website.
The site must be static: the original date remains and the coaches negotiate and play on a different date per their own agreement. then they play, no touching the site. 
We can not have home team willy-nilly change dates, if we allowed that then why schedule them in the first place. We would have a lot of double header because the coaches will not check with the other team and simply pick a date convenient for themselves and schedule it. 
The master schedule is what John created. This is a huge issue, please tell your teams not to change the online schedule or if they already have done so they MUST have written confirmation from the visitors (not just oh ya i emailed them) .  Simply put any visiting team that misses a game due to home team changing the date will be awarded a forfeit if the home team can not show a written confirmation from the visiting team. 
This doesn’t mean Delgado needs to approve changes, it means that they are truly forced to communicate and get acknowledgement. 
Thanks and sorry about the delay.

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