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 Please read the attached carefully so you fully understand the new rules.  This is for all class 1 and 3 teams.



All - 

Please find the attached refinements and clarifications to PIM 09-03, guest players, for Abronzino and Delgado. Guest players are allowed for both leagues this season.  Please distribute to your coaches.  Pedro has already sent to Abronzino, but another broadcast is fine.

Tom:  Please distribute to referees.

Francis - please post on the D2 site.

Nick - can you post on your league sites and get to coaches?  I believe Pedro has already done this.

thanks - the refinements and clarifications are attached as a PDF and below.


Abronzino and Delgado
Leagues now support guest players per PIM 09-03.  The following refinements
and clarifications apply to both Abronzino and Delgado.


1) guest players, up to
3 per game, are allowed in Abronzino and Delgado games per PIM 09-03.


2) the guest player must
be rostered on a team from the same district/league/club.  The first 6
digits (DD-LL-CC) of the player's cysa pass team ID has to be the same as the
team the player is guesting for. For example, a Juventus Club player could not
guest play for any team other than another Juventus Club team.


3)  A team using a
guest player must be the same age or older than the age of the
 team which the
guest player is registered. For example a U15 team can use guest players from
another U15 or younger team.  A player playing up an age group (with an
older team) CAN’T guest play for a team in their own age group since the player
is rostered with an older team.


4) A team using a guest
player must be the same Abronzino or Delgado bracket or higher than the bracket
of the team the guest player is registered on.  For example, 


(a)  A
Delgado player can guest play for an Abronzino team.  An Abronznio 2nd
bracket player can guest play for an Abronzino 1st or 2nd bracket, but not an
Abronzino 3rd bracket team and not a Delgado team.


(b) An Abronzino player for an Abronzino top
bracket, u14 team CAN’T guest play for an Abronzino u15 2nd bracket


5)   The coach
needs to have the membership pass and the CYSA 1601 form for the guest player.  The guest player
must be listed on the game card, including CYSA number.  A 1611, guest player form, is not required.


6) on any game day the
maximum players in the roster can not exceed 18, including any guest players
being used.


7) Using an illegal player
will result in forfeit of the match such illegal played and may be severely
sanctioned. An illegal player in this case could be a player rostered on an
older team, or a higher bracket player guesting for a=2
0lower division team.


The full text of the PIM 09-03 may be viewed at:  http://www.cysanorth.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=144&Itemid=196#PIM%2009-3%20GUEST%20PLAYER%20POLICY


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