[SSJ-Coaches] Send offs (red cards) for Delgado

Crawdad1961 crawdad1961 at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 12 11:32:57 PDT 2009

Delgado Coaches only,

You all should have a copy of the blank send off report and a self address envelope
to give to the refs in case of send off.

The send off report and the Verification of red card supsesions forms are on the SSJ web
site under Referees and then forms.

If you receiver a red card.  Give the envelope and blank send off to the ref. 
Print the verification report to fill that out on games not played to show your player or coach
did not play.

Address to send the cards to (have it on the envelope to give to the ref)

Send Off Reports
Nick Moezidis, Delgado League President
748 Shearton Drive
San Jose, CA 95117

This will speed up the process.  Also on the Delgado show the red card so the guys can start looking 
for the player pass, they tend to get lost by going all over the place. 


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