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I would appreciate it if some of you could bring both white and dark colored T-shirts/jerseys in case there is a need to rebalance the teams.


I will referee the game. The game will start at noon time. Be on the field at least 15-20 minutes earlier to stretch and get organized.



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Subject: Coaches game this Sunday Sept 13th
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Hello coaches,
I divided the two teams. I have 14 coaches in each team. I also selected a captain for each team.
The game will start at noon time sharp. Each half will consist of 25 minutes with no more than 10 minutes break in between. Be on the field at least 15 minutes before the game to get organized and stretch
I prefer to see 9 players per team on the field including a goalie with 5 subs but we can increase the number to 11 players max.
Some coaches might opt to play only one half of the game. In this case, some might show up to play the first half then leave and others who are also interested in play only one half can take their place in the second half of the game -- let your captains know.
Anyone who is interested to play a goalie should let their captain know ahead of time.
If the game conflicts with your photo session, let Karen know to reschedule your session.
More info about the game:
- Will consists of two halves -- each half is 25 minutes. 
- Each team will consists of around 9 players including the goal keeper
- The league will provide at least a center ref
- All and only SSJYSL coaches and assistant coaches can participate
- Safety is of highest importance. PLEASE NO SLIDE TACKLE. Bear in mind that not everyone in the game is physically fit. 
- Role modeling in front of the kids is important. There is no need to get mad or get into an argument with the ref.
- The game's purpose is for everyone (coaches and spectators) to have fun
- You are welcome to show off your "soccer moves" as long as they are safe to you and others.
- The game is an "exhibition" game consisting of coaches with different levels of skills and fitness. WINNING IS NOT IMPORTANT. Please avoid playing and keeping the ball between only those who are skillful and fit. It is highly desirable for all coaches to participate in the game.

Jorge Prado                 SSJ Dragons                C3       BU10  <== Captain
Jeff Redclift                SSJ Dragons                 C3       BU10
Dennis Montejano       SSJ Dragons                C3       BU10
Amy Venegas             SSJ Barracudas            Rec      GU12
Jeff Barber                  SSJ Barracudas            Rec      GU12
Jeremy Leroux            SSJ Terminators          Rec      BU8
Jerry Taylor                 SSJ Blue Diamonds    Rec      GU8
Carlos Guerra              SSJ Pumas                   C3       BU17
Roger Esparza             SSJ Pumas                   C3       BU17
Jay Wagner                 SSJ Tigers                    C3       GU14
Javier Urizar                SSJ B52’s                    Rec      BU10
Cal Smith                    SSJ Fireballs                Rec      BU8
Rob Woolley               SSJ Jaguars                  Rec      GU8
Christine Yeager         SSJ Cobras                   Rec      BU10
Ray Baskett                 SSJ Terminators           Rec      BU10   <== Captain
Tony Deras                  SSJ Elite Independent  C1       BU14
Juan Cardoza              SSJ Elite Independent   C1       BU14
Edgar Meneses            SSJ Elite Independent  C1      BU14
David Kretz                SSJ Quicksilvers            Rec      GU8
David Verdugo            SSJ ??                           Rec      GU14
Raj Singh                    SSJ Fire                         Rec      GU14
Francisco Lopez          SSJ Indios                     C3       BU12
Aaron Hart                  SSJ Wildcats                 Rec      U6
Christophe Didier       SSJ Cobras                    Rec      BU10
Andy Dorian               SSJ Skyhawks               C3       BU14
Miguel Lopez              SSJ Tigers                     C3       GU14
Julianna Smith             SSJ ??                           Rec      BU12
Marc McIsaac             SSJ Fire Hawks             Rec      BU8


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