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This only applies to the Class 1 and Class 3 coaches, not the recreation teams.

I want to make sure you all know our policy on league uniforms for all CYSA and
SSJYSL games and or tournaments.   This Saturday I noted a team not in compliance.

Every coach that filled out the coaching form agreed to this policy.

Below is the policy sections from the league constitution and the league PIM that states the league policy for uniforms and policy for dismissal from the league.  I plan to set into motion a removal of coaches for any SSJ team not complying with our uniform policy this year.  

I thank you for your efforts,

Don Crawford

Competitive Uniforms
New for 2009! As of the 2004 season all competitive (Division/Class 1 and
Division/Class 3) teams are required to use the SSJYSL uniform
standard. Effective January 12, 2009 the uniform standard has been
changed.  The league no longer requires the use of a specific uniform
style, however, the following standards must be met to play in SSJYSL
and receive the uniform rebate.   
	* Uniforms
must be in league colors which are royal blue, white and gold.  Any
combination of these colors may be used, however, no other predominate
color is allowed.
	* The SSJYSL league logo MUST appear on the left chest of the jersey.  It may be printed in royal blue, white or gold.
	* Player numbers must be printed in royal blue, white or gold.
	* Socks must be royal blue, gold or white.
use 8" numbers on the jerseys (royal numbers on white or gold jerseys,
white or gold numbers on royal jerseys). You can also put 4" numbers on
your shorts if you want .To reiterate, ALL uniforms must have the SSJYSL league logo on the left chest. 

Under the section of constitution.

1:04:01 The representative colors of this association shall be royal blue and white,
and gold. All competitive teams will wear uniform styles as designated by the
1:04:02 All teams shall begin their team name with “SSJ” or “South San Jose”.

2:09:01 The League is responsible for governing those persons associated with its
operations. Teams shall abide by the League rules under which they are
registered and in which they are playing.
2:09:02 The League may remove any Coach that has broken League, CYSA,
USYSA, or USSF rules. They may also be removed for these reasons:
A. The League is petitioned by at least fifty percent (50%) of a team's
parents for a hearing and the parents are sustained in their petition to
remove the coach before an impartial committee.
B. The coach verbally abuses and threatens the players on a regular basis.
C. The coach has not demonstrated good coaching skills as determined by
an impartial committee.
D. The coach is unable to adequately handle his/her coaching

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