[SSJ-Coaches] Ramac Field

Alan Chase forevrblu at comcast.net
Tue Sep 15 10:30:44 PDT 2009

Good day all, a golden opportunity has appeared and I was advised to make you all aware of it.

Ramac Field which is on the old IBM campus on Cottle Rd has a brand new soccer field. As a league we are looking for a field coordinator (FC) for this site.You should all know by now that the FC has control of his or her site. You determine who plays there and when, so if you wanted all early games or all late games the league will accommodate you accordingly. The FC at this site will not have to mow or do any field work other than striping of the field, making sure nets are taken down along with corner flags and maybe trash cans and secured until the next weeks play. I urge you to respond to this quickly as this shouldn't last too long.

Alan Chase
Fields Director
South San Jose Youth Soccer League
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