[SSJ-Coaches] Issue or questions pertaining to Delgado league

Crawdad1961 crawdad1961 at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 27 15:14:09 PDT 2009

Coaches,  ( only Delgado Class 3 coaches)

All matters or questions that you have concerning  Delgado need to
 go through me the SSJ Delgado Representative  This includes red card issues. 

I will either give you an answer or get the answer for you.  

I have instructed the President of Delgado to kick any issues back down to my level
if they have not gone to me first.  He is a very busy man and we need to address things
at our level first.  

If  you have a conflict with me handling the concern than say so and I will pass  you to
one of the other Delgado members and or have another SSJ board member drive your
concern to an answer.

Thank you,

Don Crawford
SSJ Delgado Rep.

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