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The Elk Grove Everton Soccer Club invites you to the 2010 Elk Grove Everton Cup. The Girl’s 
Cup will be held July 10-11, and the Boy’s Cup the following weekend, July 17-18. The tournament is 
approved and sanctioned by US Club Soccer. The 2010 Elk Grove Everton Cup event is for U9 – U19, 
boys and girls teams. We are determined to assemble the most competitive teams from throughout 
the region to make this annual event a meaningful and worthwhile experience for the kids. 

LOCATION – Due to the size of this event, all Cup games will be played throughout the Elk Grove 
community. The headquarters for the Cup will be at Pleasant Grove High School and Albiani Middle 
School. Other facilities will include Franklin High School, Harriet Eddy Middle School and Underwood 
Park. Our goal is to provide quality playing fields in and around the Elk Grove community while 
maintaining a tournament atmosphere.


AGE GROUP MATRIX (2010/2011 Matrix)

U9 8/1/2001 Thru 7/31/2002
U10 8/1/2000 Thru 7/31/2001
U11 8/1/1999 Thru 7/31/2000
U12 8/1/1998 Thru 7/31/1999
U13 8/1/1997 Thru 7/31/1998
U14 8/1/1996 Thru 7/31/1997
U15 8/1/1995 Thru 7/31/1996
U16 8/1/1994 Thru 7/31/1995
U17 8/1/1993 Thru 7/31/1994
U18 8/1/1992 Thru 7/31/1993
U19 8/1/1991 Thru 7/31/1992

FEES – For U9 through U11* teams, the application fee is $350.00 per team. For U12 through U19, the 
application fee is $650.00 per team. The Elk Grove Everton Cup is providing a credit card payment 
option to help expedite the application process. Every team is guaranteed three games with the 
possibility of a fourth game for teams that advance to the championship/consolation round. Early 
registration is encouraged as we expect a high level of interest in this tournament. 

* U11 will be 8v8 format.

APPLICATION INFORMATION AND DEADLINE – Tournament applications and payments must be 
received by May 31, 2010. Applications will be reviewed and accepted, or rejected, based on pre-
established criteria. The objective will be to have a broad geographic representation while providing 
evenly matched competition. Team selection may be made on a “first come” basis.

Only properly sanctioned teams and complete applications will be considered for acceptance. Teams 
applying after the deadline may be considered only if there are any existing vacancies and if no timely 
applicants are rejected in order to accommodate a late application. The tournament director will not 
consider applications if they are incomplete or not accompanied by entry fees.

In the instance that the tournament fills all brackets prior to the application deadline, the tournament 
reserves the right to declare that it is full and closed to applications.

Notification of team acceptance or rejection will be sent to every applicant by June 5th 2010.

CUP COMMITTEE – The Elk Grove Everton Cup committee shall consist of the Tournament Director and 
any other pre-designated Tournament Officials.

The tournament committee reserves the right to establish policy as deemed necessary in regard to 
problems and circumstances that are not specifically covered. The decisions of the tournament 
committee are not subject to appeal. 

Tournament Director 
William Newsom
PO box 580073
Elk Grove, CA 95758
Phone Number: (916)776-6739
tournamentdirector at egevertonfc.com

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