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The league is looking for feedback on ways to improve player development.
Below are questions that I would like your feedback on.  The feedback will
be used to help the coaches in the league. When I first started coaching I
had very little help from the league (not this league) I coached in.  I want
to make sure we are pointing coaches in the right direction as they guide
our youth on the field.  Feel free to comment on some areas that you feel I
may have missed.  Respond just to me and I look forward to your feedback.


1.  What is the main goal of your team?  Do you train year around to reach
this goal?  In what areas can the league help so you can achieve your goals?


2.  Does your team currently have any ODP Players (District, State,
Regional, Natl Team)?  Is this a goal of your team to eventually develop
these type of players if you currently have none on your roster?  Are you
unsure how to develop these types of players?


3.  How many days a week do you train and how long are your sessions? 


4.  How do you decide which tournaments to attend?  


5.  If the league ran clinics for your players would you participate?  For
example, would they participate in clinics just for forwards.


6.  What steps are you taking to further your soccer education as a coach?
Would you benefit from the league running monthly coaching clinics?  Would
classroom sessions discussing technique (shooting, dribbling, heading,
receiving, and passing), tactical, mental, and physical training help?


7.  Do you need any special equipment at the fields to help your team with
training sessions?


Chris Fitzpatrick

Director of Coaching South San Jose Youth Soccer League

Email: coachcfitz at aol.com

Phone: (408) 674-4012



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