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Sat Aug 7 22:10:52 PDT 2010

All coaches,

I am still missing information for quite a few teams.  I have sent separate emails to each of you.  If you received one
please act on it immediately.  I have been waiting for some of this for awhile and now its time for your tournaments.  

I should not have to rush around to get your passes because you have not turned in all you information.  This was all due
at the end of June.  It is now August and I am having to go through your paperwork over and over waiting.

If you have tournaments this upcoming weekend and you have missing paperwork you will be out of luck if I don't have it by Monday.

To all the teams that did not recieve an email from me, your stuff is done and has been submitted to Melinda.  Some teams have been
completed and I will be contacting you in the next day or two for you to come pick up your passes.  Thank you for turning in completed packets.

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