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To those teams that send a representative to help mark the Bernal oval on Wednesday thank you!!  

If any of those individual that were there on Wednesday want credit towards their volunteer reimbursement please provide me with their name, players name, address and telephone number and I'll complete the form for a 2 hour credit for them.  One family, Al-Helew, had two people there so they completed the three hours required for reimbursement and I completed and will be submitting their reimbursement form to the league.

The upper field still needs to be marked!  

The teams that sent help on Wednesday were primarily those teams that practice at Bernal.  Many other teams, U12 and above, will have league games at Bernal.  Those teams need to send a representative at 4:30 Tuesday, August 10th  to help mark the upper field.  I will be there at team practice at the Bernal oval field on Tuesday.  I  will have everything needed to get individuals started with the marking of the upper field.  After my practice I will help finish up marking the upper field.

Eric (Rick) Simons
ricklions at earthlink.net
Soccer line (408) 227-4163

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ON WEDNESDAY STARTING AT 4:30 I WILL NEED HELP TO START MARKING THE FIELDS AT BERNAL.  We will meet at the cargo container and start work on the oval. 

Please send a representative from your team to help mark the fields on Wednesday.


Eric (Rick) Simons
ricklions at earthlink.net
Soccer line (408) 227-4163
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