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J P jmqprado at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 1 15:41:53 PST 2010

Dear Coaches,
If you already send to us your application and license up grade, please 
Coaches (specially U9-U14)
 We still have not received  your application, from some of you, after (two or 
three) requests.  If we don’t have it by December 10, in time for the second 
tryouts we will have to find an alternative coach for your team. This is because 
under CYSA rules, you will not be permitted to coach in the Spring League of 
2011.  If you have not sent one in because you do not intend to coach in Spring 
League, please let me know that as well.  Thanks for your assistance.
Best regards
Jorge Prado
SSJYSL Coaches Director,
 In tlanextia in tonatiúh
(que tu sol sea siempre brillante/may your sun always shine) 

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