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I've edited what you wrote.  I left my edits in blue, so before you send you should make all the text the same color.

Thanks and nice work,

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Thank you Jeff.

I want to send this to all coaches. please fell free to correct and I think it will be great if you, me and maybe Anh resend it to all coaches.


Thank you so much to those of you who came to the tryouts last weekend. We look forward to seeing all of you who had tournaments this upcoming weekend, December 11th and 12th.  We had a great turn out in most of the age groups and I have the sign-in lists of those who came.

Now, I want to remind you that ALL SSJYSL U9-U14 competitive players (and therefore teams and their coaches) are required to be present at least one try out day. This is an opportunity for all of us coaches to see ALL of  the players and talk to parents in case we see a player that may be move up a bracket. Remember, this is NOT poaching players, as some may think.  That practice is not allowed by CYSA rules, this is, again a chance for coaches, players and parents to see if their children are in the right team or bracket.

So, please send an email to all of your parents and ask them to come to the try outs. It does not matter whether or not they came last weekend.
I know some of you have a tournament this weekend, but those of you who have not, it is mandatory (U9 to U14) for you and your team to come. If you do not so, you may not be able to play under SSJYSL.

Also, if you are having try outs for your team on dates different from the League, and there is a team in your same age group, you have to extend an invitation to the coach for them to attend as a courtesy.

Please remember, we are a LEAGUE, not an individual team, so we need to act as one.

Finally, a reminder that try outs are mandatory for all players in SSJYSL.

Best regards
Jorge Prado
SSJYSL Coaches Director.

In tlanextia in tonatiúh
(que tu sol sea siempre brillante/may your sun always shine)

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