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Dear Coaches,
My name is Anh Nguyen, and I am your Competitive Director for 2011.  I held this same position a few years back and took on the responsibility as a League Representative to the CCSL last year.  My responsibilities include:
Goals – Establish a competitive program in SSJYSL and assist our players in their development.
Assignments – 

Ensure that we have programs to support District Class 1, and Class 3 programs
Develop ways to grow our league programs
Work with Coaching Director and Board Members to ensure we have qualified coaches
Work with Communication Director to advertise our competitive teams including tryouts.
Establish tryout guidelines as appropriate
Work with Recreation Director to assist teams moving to Competitive levels
Work with the Board on all issues related to competitive teams
     8. Look for ways to better develop the program
These are not limited to the duties assigned to me by the SSJYSL Board.
After the Holidays. I will be contacting you again to seek your feedback concerning improvements from this year.  If you have any new ideas or comments, please give me a call.
I thank you for your continued support and look forward to working with you again in 2011.

Best Regards,
Anh Nguyen  
SSJYSL Competitive Director

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