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D2 spring information below.  Any questions please let me know

The CYSA spring fees are payable at the time you sign up on the website.  You will also 
need to send a check to SSJ for our fees.  The fee for SSJ is $300 for U8-U11 teams and $350 for U12 and above.

You will pay for referees on the field.  Check the website for the current rates 

Read all information below.




District 2 Spring League online team registration is OPEN.

Team fees are required to be paid by credit card via the online team application procedure.
Specific procedures for registering players for the CYSA spring season will be communicated to teams by your League Registrar.

Go to  http://cysadistrict2.gotsport.com/  
Click the District 2 Spring League link on the top left for information, rules and to complete the team application and pay the team registration fees.

Team registration fees for 2010 Spring League and 2010 Spring Cup are included below.
Register for BOTH events by selecting the appropriate Fee Group and save on the team registration fees.

Registration deadline is Saturday, Feb, 27th.
Match #1 play date is Saturday, Mar, 27th.
Spring League is a 9 match season.
Match #9 play date is Saturday, May, 22nd.

Spring Cup is June 5/6 and 12/13 weekends.
Spring Cup ONLY registration will open at a later date.

U08-U10 Teams (8v8)     - $275 (BOTH League & Cup)
U08-U10 Teams (8v8)     - $100 (League ONLY)
U08-U10 Teams (8v8)     - $250 (Cup ONLY)

U11-U19 Teams (11v11) - $500 (BOTH League & Cup)
U11-U19 Teams (11v11) - $250 (League ONLY)
U11-U19 Teams (11v11) - $375 (Cup ONLY)

For 2010 Spring, U10 teams will play in the 8v8 format since they will play in the 8v8 format as U11 teams in the fall of 2010.

CYSA North, District 2 Spring League Director.

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