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 In a next e-mail you will get the location for your age group try out.
Try outs guidelines:
1. Plan to be at GundersonHigh Schoolfield at least fifteen minutes before your age group try out.
2. In case that there are two or more teams in the same age group the coach with more experience will lead the try out.
3. There will be an information booth to direct parents to appropriate try outs. 
4. In the booth there will be signup sheets per gender and age group – each player must sign in.
5. Make sure that a coach, assistant coach or team manager is at the booth to hand deliver team’s information flier to possible candidates. Try to include name of coach, assistant coach/es team manager, and approximate costs (uniform, tournaments, seasons.) (Trainer and coaches if apply).
6. Bring balls, pennies, and cones. 
7. Clean the field after your try outs – no trash may be left behind.
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