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The Far West Regional League is Hosting Games at the Morgan Hill Complex
Saturday August 14 and 15
This is for the older age groups U14, U15, U16, U17, and U18
Gender is for Boys and Girls
U17-18; Center $50 AR1 $40, AR2 $40
U15-16; Center $40 AR1 $35, AR2 $35 
U14      Center $40 AR1 $30, AR2 $30
Games start at 8:00 am and there will be late games starting at 6:00 PM
All Games will be full length
We will be having a Assessors Clinic with a Field Session
If you need an assessment now would be a great opportunity to Get One
Follow the prober procedure to apply for a assessment through the District
Alternatively, are you ready to improve you referee skills 
Ask for a Development and Guidance. Sign up for one Now.
Read More Information on the Far West Regional League at 
Email Address______________________
August 14  Any Time____ AM____ PM___ Evenings_____
August 15 ANY Time____ AM____ PM___ Evenings_____
Thank You for your consideration
Ken Geisler
kgeisler at verizon.net
Also on the Web site at

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