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Comp Coaches:
The rules for uniforms that are allowed under SSJYSL policy are stated below in different lettering.  There are no exceptions for uniforms allowed to be worn - they must be royal blue/gold(yellow - depends on manufacturer)/white.  Numbers must be in one of those colors as well (contrasting to jersey).  The league logo has to be on the left chest.  Failure to observe this policy will result in board directed sanctions.
If you are ordering new uniforms, the best deal I've been able to ID is at Asby's Sports - which is 40% off (Addidas or Nike) if you are ordering for the entire team (minimum 16 players).  For younger teams with fewer players, you will need to buddy up with another team ordering.  Right now there are 4 teams going in at once at younger ages (all girls) but I would be happy to have others join in if interested to get the larger discount. 
For questions or interest in ordering, please email me using both addresses contained in this email.
Official Policy below from the web:
As of the 2004 season all competitive (Division/Class 1 and Division/Class 3) teams are required to use the SSJYSL uniform standard. Effective January 12, 2009 the uniform standard has been changed.  The league no longer requires the use of a specific uniform style, however, the following standards must be met to play in SSJYSL and receive the uniform rebate.   

Uniforms must be in league colors which are royal blue, white and gold.  Any combination of these colors may be used, however, no other predominate color is allowed. 
The SSJYSL league logo MUST appear on the left chest of the jersey.  It may be printed in royal blue, white or gold. 
Player numbers must be printed in royal blue, white or gold. 
Socks must be royal blue, gold or white.
We use 8" numbers on the jerseys (royal numbers on white or gold jerseys, white or gold numbers on royal jerseys). You can also put 4" numbers on your shorts if you want .
To reiterate, ALL uniforms must have the SSJYSL league logo on the left chest.  Soccer Pro on Saratoga Avenue and Asby Sports on North Capitol Avenue both have the league logo on file, but you may purchase your uniforms from any vendor you choose.  

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