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Wed Mar 24 07:50:07 PDT 2010

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As a reminder, the D2 Spring season is a 9 match season, with all
matches scheduled on 9 Saturdays from 3/27 through 5/22.<br>
Only Divisions with an odd number of teams have D2 Spring League
scheduled matches on Sunday, 5/2 and Sunday, 5/23.<br>
The D2 Spring League is *NOT* a Sunday match day league.<br>
Teams that consistently change their match days from Saturday to Sunday
using player unavailability as the reason will not be accepted into D2
Spring League the following year.<br>
Here are the policies that need to be followed for D2 Spring League day
and time assignment of home matches:<br>
    <li>ALWAYS consider where the opponent is coming from when
assigning home match times.</li>
    <li>Make every attempt to assign a match time of 9:30am or later
for an opponent that is traveling an hour or more to play at your home
    <li>DO assign the closest opponents as the earliest and latest
matches in the day.</li>
    <li>DO assign match times later in the morning or earlier in the
afternoon for the furthest opponents.<br>
    <li>DO NOT assign *ANY* matches on Easter (Sunday 4/4) or Mother's
Day (Sunday 5/9) without proof of explicit permission from the opponent</li>
    <li>DO NOT shift a Saturday match to a Sunday match, based on your
home team
request alone. Such a request MUST be accompanied by explicit
permission from the
opponent to play the scheduled Saturday match on the Sunday instead of
the Saturday.</li>
    <li>The ONLY exception to the above is the case when the Home Club
is short on fields and is forced to assign some home matches on Sunday
in order to get all of the Club's HOME matches played that weekend.</li>
    <li>As an alternative, consider playing the match on the Saturday
at the away team's field.<br>
    <li>Use the following procedure to get the field and time
assignments when teams wish to play at the away team field instead of
at the home team field:</li>
      <li>The home team MUST notify their Club Scheduler of their
intent to play the match at the away team's field.</li>
      <li>This enables the home Club Scheduler to avoid last minute
cancellation of home field and referee assignments or worse - no show
teams on assigned fields *with* referees.<br>
      <li>The away team MUST secure the field and time from their Club
      <li>An email MUST be sent to the D2 Spring League Director with
the away team Club Scheduler authorization of assignment of the away
field for the match.</li>
      <li>Include the <b>Match #, Date, Age Group, Gender, Division</b>,
        <b>and Team Name</b> of the match and the <b>date, time and
field to be assigned</b>.</li>
      <li>A copy and paste from the public schedule page that contains
the first set of information is best.</li>
      <li>The away team Club Scheduler MUST be included on the above
      <li>CC' the home team Club Scheduler if known.</li>
      <li>The original Home and Away teams are NOT switched in the
schedule and on the website to maintain proper ownership of
      <li>The Home team is responsible for Referee and Field fees for
matches played at the Away team's field.<br>
Please be sure to adhere to these policies in the interest of all teams
playing in the D2 Spring League.<br>
Thank you for all your help in making the D2 Spring League a successful
experience for all the players and teams involved.<br>


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