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Tue May 11 14:33:20 PDT 2010

Hi Coaches,
The South San Jose Youth Soccer League Annual Opening Day provides competitive teams with an opportunity for fund raising activities.  Opening Day for the 2010 Fall Season is scheduled for Sunday, September 12th.  Competitive teams may host a booth and sell food or other items to raise money for their teams.  If your team would like to host a booth, please contact me via email with the following information:

Contact name
Team Name (including Age Group)
Items to be sold
In order to maximize profits for all teams and to avoid bidding wars, I am restricting each item to one booth.  This will be issued on a first come first serve basis. For example: the first team to email a request for hot dogs will be the only team to sell hot dogs.  All teams may sell drinks.

Teams hosting booths must provide their own tables, easy ups, garbage bags and other needed supplies.  
Electrical access may be limited so contact me if electrical access is required.
Teams must remove their own garbage and clean their area after the event.
Please contact me via email with any questions.
Thank you,
Tracy Williams
Communications, Activities & Promotions
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