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Topic: SSJYSL Policy on sharing field with NorCal teams - Fall '09/Spring '10 playing season.

There has been some confusion about how SSJYSL (a CYSA league) plans to share fields with other local leagues (NorCal, a US Soccer league) during the current playing season (Spring '10).  This message is to state SSJYSL's position on this matter, and to hopefully clarify any misunderstandings.

SSJYSL wishes to work with the local NorCal league and clubs in order to share the limited fields available in the South San Jose area.  

To that extent, SSJYSL WILL:

a) Work with NorCal clubs in order to equitably schedule ALL CYSA and NorCal games to minimize conflicts and to fully utilize our shared field resources.  Based on past history, this should not be a significant problem as CYSA/SSJYSL games, primarily played on Saturdays, end soon (early June), and NorCal typically plays on Sundays beginning now.

b) Allow NorCal access to the Arbiter website to advertise games to local refs in order to schedule refs for NorCal games.  Payment and any other contractual liabilities relating to refs for NorCal games remains the responsibility of the NorCal clubs/teams.

c) If requested, explain to the local schools that another league (NorCal) desires to use school fields and that SSJYSL is aware of this, has no objections, and remains ready to work out any issues that may arise to the school's satisfaction.

d) Explain, as required, to any party that CYSA/SSJYSL insurance DOES NOT cover any NorCal activity such practices, games or tryouts, even if they take place on local school fields or if the teams are wearing SSJYSL uniforms.

e) Make available at no cost, field equipment such as goals/nets and corner flags to NorCal clubs upon request.  NorCal and it's affiliated clubs will assume liability for any and all incidents that may occur during NorCal activities.


a) Attempt to prevent NorCal teams from utilizing shared field resources.

b) Solicit nor collect any fees from NorCal clubs in return for access to local school fields.

c) Represent NorCal activities, or allow any non-CYSA/SSJYSL activity to be improperly attributed to CYSA/SSJYSL even if they involve teams that may also play in the SSJYSL league, as CYSA/SSJYSL activities (games, practices, tryouts) to any school or field provider.

In summary, SSJYSL will work with NorCal clubs/teams to equitably schedule games on local fields.  SSJYSL will provide goals and flags for NorCal games and also provide access to the Arbiter referee scheduling tool to NorCal clubs.  However, NorCal clubs/teams must contract directly with refs and local schools, provide necessary proof of insurance to those schools, and assume financial liability for field lease/costs independently of SSJYSL.

I hope this is clear to all, but please feel free to contact me if not.  

Bruce Yost
President, SSJYSL

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