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Attached is the flier for try outs for players interested in play in Comp teams. 
The age group is up to U14 by fall 2011 (coaches U15 and above, please 
Please forward to your parents or to those players/parents that you know will be 
interested in play at competitive level.
Remember, does not matter if they are playing for your team next season, it is 
mandatory for all players in these age groups to participate in at least one try 
out weekend (the more, the merrier). 

Also, all competitive coaches need to fill the application for coaches (visit 
the web page www.ssjysl.org fill the application and send it to the Coaches 
director, coachcfitz at aol.com also you need to send a copy to the Coaches 
director and myself of your current coaching license, does not matter if you did 
it last year, we coaches need to do this every year, I do understand the 
inconvenience but that is the rule, thank you for your comprehension.If you do 
not provide both things (application and/or copy of your coaching license), you 
may not be eligible to coach in a competitive level.
I do know some of you have tournament on Dec 4th and 5th. I will be directing 
the try outs for the ages U9, U10, U11 and U12. 

Please, bring some fliers about your team (include your and/or team 
manager contact information) to the General Meeting on 11/20 at 7 PM at Los 
Paseos Club House. I will place them on the registration table for parents to 
pick one. I also will ask the parents to come back for the following 
weekend  Dec 11th and 12th for you to observe the players and talk to parents if 
you want.
I will keep a contact info list also for those of you who want to contact 

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,
Jorge Prado
SSJYSL Comp Teams Director

 In tlanextia in tonatiúh
(que tu sol sea siempre brillante/may your sun always shine) 

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