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 Yes Rick.

Coaches please, remember, try outs are on Dec 4, 5 11 and 12 this year, and Jan 
15 and 16 next year.

Saturdays at Gunderson turf. Sundays at Gunderson grass fields.

Visit the web page for more details. and forward the page to your parents and 

I will be at Flames on Sat 27 from 12 to 2 pm for those of you who can no make 
it on Dec 4 and 5 due to tournaments. Please bring a fliers with your teams 
info. I will put them on  the registration table.

I will ask all players to come back on Dec 11 and 12.

Best regards
Jorge PradoIn tlanextia in tonatiúh
(que tu sol sea siempre brillante/may your sun always shine) 

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Tryouts are coordinated by the league and will be held at Gunderson High School, 
the first being Saturday, Dec. 4th

Jorge, has all the tryout information gone out to the coaches?

Eric (Rick) Simons
ricklions at att.net
Soccer line (408) 227-4163

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>Hey Coach Rick,
>What is the process for reserving fields for try outs? Should we coordinate this 
>with you?

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