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Please respond the survey before Oct 24.

Best regards,
Jorge Prado
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Subject: [cysad2bod] letter to the teams on Coast/Bay survey

All - the letter to the Coast/Bay teams announcing the survey is below.  the 
link to the survey for your review is in the letter.  Please send changes to 

The survey link is:  http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/BGCRQCD



Dear Coach, Manager, League/Club Official, Field Scheduler or Referee Assignor:

A new chapter in competitive youth soccer began four weeks ago with the launch 
of the California Competitive Soccer League (CCSL).  The 2010 CCSL Coast and Bay 
Leagues include the teams that competed in the Abronzino, Delgado, Redwood and 
Alvarez Leagues last year as well as teams from other districts of CYSA.

CCSL was established to provide better and more varied competition over our 
previous, local leagues.  We have succeeded in this.  Games are being played and 
the feedback for the most part is positive.

Our focus is now on improving what we started.  

We have appointed a broad, ad hoc committee of experienced youth soccer 
volunteers charged with identifying improvement areas and implementing plans in 
time for the start of the spring season so that we continue to grow CCSL.

The members of the committee include:
Bennet Weintraub, President, Redwood Youth Soccer League
Tom Dunlap, District 2 Youth Referee Administrator
Nancy Ditz, President, President, Alpine FC and Co-Manager, MVLA Avalanche
John Azevedo, Santa Clara Sporting
Charlie Ringgenberg – President, San Bruno Lowen (District 1)
Sandra Todd – Foothill Youth Soccer League
Liza Noriega – Director of Coaching, Mt. Hamilton Youth Soccer League
Sebastian De Francesco – President, Santa Cruz Youth Soccer League
Dale Greenley – Los Gatos Youth Soccer League
Ricky Clark – Technical Director, Mission Valley United (District 3)

The committee is charged with
1)    Developing the plans to address the input provided by our constituents
2)    Defining a charter/structure to run a league for 1,000 teams;
3)    Developing operating procedures for managing the playing leagues, 
including promotion and relegation rules;
4)    Establishing appropriate timelines and calendars for Fall and Spring play;
5)    Attracting additional teams from other districts and competing leagues; 
6)    Improving communications among leagues, clubs and teams.

As a first step, We want to hear from our key constituents: teams, referees, 
clubs, leagues and the administrators.   Please go to 
http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/BGCRQCD to complete the survey.  We will keep the 
survey open for input until midnight on October 24, 2010.

Thank you for your time and dedication.  We must all work together to fulfill 
the mission of the Coast and Bay to serve the youth soccer community.

Rodney Robinson, District 2 Commissioner    Maria Frias, District 1 Commissioner 

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