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REMINDER ALL FIELDS ARE CLOSED TODAY!  Normal practice schedule on all fields may resume tomorrow.

Yes it is not raining today!  Thank you to those who let me know.  

My closing of the fields is to insure that they have time to let the water soak into the ground, many have standing puddles and muddy areas that need to dry out.  Game fields are my number one priority but those that are not game fields need the same consideration to insure we do not damage any areas.

THE WEATHER IS ALSO QUESTIONABLE THIS WEEK SO LET YOUR PARENTS KNOW THAT PRACTICES MAYBE CANCELED ON SHORT NOTICE.  I will close all fields should the rain start again some time during the week.  Practices have a low priority, the priority is minimize damage to the field. 

This coming weekend we have numerous games scheduled at Santa Teresa and Gunderson High School turf fields.  Those games will only be canceled should the center referee determine that the conditions are dangerous to the players.  Turf fields games can be played in a heavy rain, it is when the water on the turf is not running off and causes large area of water on the field that will cause a game to be delayed or canceled or if there is lighting.  

No games are schedule for Bernal this coming weekend and that field will remain close for the weekend.  Herman has one game scheduled and should we have any rain that game will be canceled on Herman.  I will let everyone know late Friday night or Saturday morning early is the fields are closed.  If I do not close the fields game morning the games will be played unless the center referees decides that the conditions are not safe.  I will not be available after 7:00 AM Saturday, my team is in a tournament in Fremont.

Coaches should not cancel any games on grass fields unless they received notification that the game field is closed.

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I checked some of the fields today. 


Eric (Rick) Simons
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