[SSJ-Coaches] Fw: [cysad2bod] CCSL Bay and Coast region draft changes to the CCSL rules

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Please read carefuly

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>Subject: [cysad2bod] CCSL Bay and Coast region draft changes to the CCSL rules
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>Date: Sunday, September 5, 2010, 4:52 PM
>All - The CCSL rules need to go to all your teams, schedulers and referee 
>assignors.  The rules can be found at http://www.calsoccerleague.org/rules.php
>Please note that game times lengths changed for u9, 10, and 12.
>I am also proposing some small changes to these rules to bring in-line with 
>important District 2 practices.  Let me know if you have changes to the attached 
>CCSL rules change document (1 page) for our Bay and Coast regions by Monday, 
>4pm.  If not we will use the CCSL rules with the list of changes for the first 
>week and hear motions to accept or change them in the Sept 14 D2 BOD meeting.  A 
>quick summary of the changes to the CCSL rules:
>1.  A little more flexibility on rescheduling due to having the final schedules 
>late in coming.
>2.  No penalty kicks for u9.  there will be PKs for u10 just like last year.
>3.  Match reports and dispute resolution on score reporting
>4. Referee qualifications to be in line with District 2 leagues.
>5.  Sendoff procedures
>6.  Blowout rule for bronze and copper
>Let me know of changes you would like to see for Monday's distribution.  Copy 
>the D2 BOD.  I will circulate changes for email discussion tomorrow and go final 
>Monday evening for first week's rules.
>thanks, Rodney 
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