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This weekend is our first for league games.  Many of your teams will be required to set up or take down the field that your team has been assigned to.  Set up will required you to move the goals to the field, set out the garbage cans and corner flags.  Take a look around the field to make sure their are no items that could cause a problem during the game.  The field coordinators will be there before your first game to have everything ready.  The goals should be unlocked, garbage cans and corner flags should be near the cargo container at the field your team is assigned to.

The last game of the day, your team will be required to take down the field.  The goals are to be moved back to where they are stored, the garbage cans are to be emptied in the dumpster located at each school.  Do not return full garbage cans to the cargo container!  The empty garbage cans are returned to the cargo container area along with the four corner flags.  Place along side the cargo container if the field coordinator is not there.  The field coordinator will be there to put them away at the end of the day.  If you are not sure where the goals go ask the referees most know where they should be placed.

Also your team will be required to police the area to pick up any litter that is around the field.  We do not want to lose our permit to utilize the schools so make sure the area is clean when your team leaves.


Games scheduled for Santa Teresa and Gunderson High School turf fields will not be canceled by me.  The center referee will make that determination at game time for the games schedule on the turf fields.  Grass fields cancelation notification will be done by e-mail 8:00 AM Saturday or Sunday morning or before depending on the situtation.

During the week practice maybe canceled because of rain.  A e-mail will be sent out as soon as the situtation is determine to be a maintenance problem for the fields to keep them in good condition for the games that are scheduled on the weekend.  Field Coordinator will be asked to monitor the fields to insure no practices are being conducted if notification has gone out for practice cancelations. 


You should receive a e-mail letting you know that your team is schedule for field maintenance.  When your team is assigned during the week for field maintenance one of the main responsibilities is to mark the fields to get them ready for the next weekend games.  The field coordinators have set a maintenance day at each field to have this task completed.  If you or members of your team and not available on that day please contact that fields coordinator to work out another day that week to get the field marked.  All the fields have more than one paint marking machines so send a couple of volunteers and it should take them around 30 minutes to take care of marking a field.


On a side note remember to control yourself, your players and the parents as it relates to the referees.  Many are young first or second year referees and this is a new experience for them.  Make sure it is a positive one!

Game Field Coordinators:

Herman:  Francisco Lopez
Gunderson:  Toby Bell
Santa Teresa:  Bruce Yost
Stratford:  Mark Dorsi
Bernal:  Rick Simons & Anh Nguyen
Oak Ridge: Rick Simons & Jeff Simone

If you have any question regarding the fields please contact me.

Eric (Rick) Simons
ricklions at earthlink.net
Soccer line (408) 227-4163
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