[SSJ-Coaches] League Schedules - November 6th @ Oak Ridge School

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Claudio has moved all of the rec Jamboree games off of the Saturday November 6th schedule.  I have schedule all of the comp games for the 6th and Claudio has scheduled the rec.  All coaches should check their team schedule to make sure all your SSJYSL home games have been scheduled.  There are a number of games on the 6th so make sure your teams are ready to go at the games times noted so that we can get the games started on time.  Two games at Oak Ridge School on Saturday, November 6th will have a start time of 8:00 AM.  Check the schedule today and update your Got Soccer game schedule.  

Claudio, you might want to check one of your rec games.  You have a U8 team noted at 3:15.

Coaches continue to send any change of days or times to Claudio,  my computer is still having problems!!

Eric (Rick) Simons
ricklions at earthlink.net
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ALL Coaches, please check the web site for the dates and times of your games.  Some rec games have been changed and comp games scheduled for games at Oak Ridge School on November 6th have not been posted because of a conflict with rec games.  They should be posted in the next two weeks.

Should you require a time change please contact me, no guarantees on time changes.

Please go into the Got Soccer system to post your games for the comp teams only.

Eric (Rick) Simons
ricklions at earthlink.net
Soccer line (408) 227-4163
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