[SSJ-Coaches] Message to SSJYSL Coaches and Fans about good sportsmanship

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Fri Apr 1 14:51:30 PDT 2011

Coaches, Parents, Players, Fans,
                All, as we really begin the Spring season, I would like to take just a moment of your time to remind you that we all operate under a policy called the "Zero Tolerance Policy."  All players and their parents are expected to sign it and all coaches are supposed to keep that signed document for the players/parents of their teams.  You may find it on our website under the "Forms & Documents" tab.  However, regardless of whether or not it's signed, all people on or near the soccer pitch (field) in a CYSA/SSJ sanctioned game in our geographical area will be held to this policy.

In short, it says, "South San Jose Youth Soccer League will not tolerate any form of abuse of its coaches, referees or League officials from any fan, parent or spectator."

The league has already taken action against two coaches in the league, via a 1-game suspension, for inappropriate behavior by them and parents on their teams.  In addition, should any further incidents take place, the league will take further, more stringent action. These same actions will be applied in any future cases with any other team should they occur.

What this should really mean to you all is that we expect all adults to act as role models for the behaviors we hope to instill into all of our children.  The game of soccer should be teaching teamwork which is ultimately a life skill.  The best way for kids to learn this is in an environment of good sportsmanship.  Please take this seriously and work with the league to ensure a successful season!  Not every call will go your way, the Refs and Coaches are all only human.  But, that won't prevent us all from getting along with civility, teaching the kids more about the game and having a good time,

Thanks so much for your support!

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