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It seems a number of the coaches do not fully understand their team's 
responsibilities for set up and take down at the weekend game fields.
If you have the first game of the day your team is responsible for setting up 
the field.  The field coordinator should be there early to unlock the goals and 
set out the corner flags and garbage cans.  (Santa Teresa and Gunderson High 
Schools have garbage cans at the fields and they are taken care of by the 
janitors at the schools)
>If your team has the last home game of the day on any of our game fields your 
>team is responsible to insure that the corner flags are removed from the field 
>and placed next to the storage container at Stratford, Bernal and Herman.  At 
>Gunderson High School they are to be removed from the field and placed next to 
>wall near the restrooms.  At Santa Teresa High School they are to be placed in 
>the enclosed fence area where the goals are to be stored.
>The goals are to be removed from the field and placed in the appropriate area at 
>each field were they are stored.  At Gunderson High School the goals remain on 
>the field.
>At Stratford, Herman and Bernal, the garbage cans are to be emptied at the end 
>of the day into the dumpster located at each field.  If you are not sure of the 
>location of the dumpster check with your fields coordinator.  The empty garbage 
>cans are then returned and placed next to the storage container.   Some time 
>after the last game the coordinator for that field will be there to secure the 
>goals, corner flags and garbage cans.
>Check the league game schedule for your field on the league's web site if you 
>are not sure if you have the last game.  You should receive a e-mail that 
>reminds you of this responsibility during the week, it is automatically 
>generated by the system.  Thank you Claudio!!!
>In the past goals have been left on the field (the Oak Grove School District 
>does not allow us to leave them on the fields), garbage cans have not been 
>emptied or even returned to the storage container area, corner flags have been 
>left on the field.  
>After every game each team need to police the area and insure that no 
>miscellaneous garbage, such as empty water bottles, be left on the field.  It is 
>our league's responsibility to make sure the area is left clean.  Take a look at 
>the vistors location and ask them to pick up any litter they have.  
>Also when setting up the field at the beginning of the day make sure you set out 
>the garbage cans!  Just do not leave them next to the storage container.
>If both teams are from our SSJYSL league work together to set up, take down and 
>make sure the area is clean.
>If you are not sure what to do e-mail me with your question(s).
>Field Coordinators:
>Santa Teresa High School - Bruce Yost
>Herman Intermediate School - Francisco Lopez
>Oak Ridge School - Jeff Semone
>Stratford School - Mark Dorsi
>Gunderson High School and Bernal Intmediate School - Me!
>All comp coaches need to pay refs on the field during the spring season!  
>Pay scale can be found online http://www.ssjysl.org/refs_payscale.shtml
>Eric (Rick) Simons
>SSJYSL Fields Director
>ricklions at att.net
>Soccer line (408) 227-4163
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