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I know we are in the middle of the spring season, but Fall registration is about to start.  The 
website will be up the beginning of May for Fall.  I don't know when the deadline is yet, but I need
you to start pulling your fall teams together and turning in all registration forms and money.  The cost
for each comp player is $150.00 made payable to SSJYSL.  Registration forms were mailed last week and 
all players up to U14 should be receiving them in the mail.  Older players can either download them from the
website or pick them up at my house.

Pictues this year will be uploaded directly onto the passes.  You will be responsible for taking each players 
picture and sending them to me in an email.  Please put all your pictures for the players and coaches into a folder on your 
computer  and send to me.  Be sure you label each player and coach with their name.  You can send me pictures of your whole
team now and I can start uploading.  Please send the pictures in a JPEG format.  Same rules apply regarding pictures, No sunglasses, 
no hats, full face picture and be sure that the picture is not too light or dark.

Please submit all forms and money by May 27.  This deadline could change as I get more information from the ccsl league.

Remember all coaches and asst. coaches need to fill out a coaches registration form.  Please do this as early as possible.

All teams must have the minimun number of players required by ccsl.  No Exceptions.

Any questions, please ask now.  Please don't make me chase you down.


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