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Hi Coaches,
It is not too late to sign up for a booth at Opening Day.  Please read the requirements below and let me know if your team is interested in hosting a booth.  
The following items/activities have already been assigned to teams:
Mexican Fruit Cocktail
Hot Dogs
Rootbeer Floats
Sno Cones
Sausage & Pepper Sandwiches
Homemade Jams
Local Honey
Strawberry Shortcake
Baked Goods
Corn on the Cob
Face Painting
BBQ Shrimp Skewers
Hamburgers & Chips
Ice Cream Cones

Send me an email if you would like to be added to the list.
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The South San Jose Youth Soccer League Annual Opening Day event provides competitive teams with an opportunity for fund raising activities.  Opening Day for the 2011 Fall Season is scheduled for Sunday, September 11th, 10am-2pm, at Oak Ridge Elementary School .  Competitive teams may host a booth selling food or other items, hosting games, offering activities, etc. to raise money for their teams.  If your team would like to host a booth, please review the requirements/restrictions listed below. 

In order to maximize profits for all teams and to avoid bidding wars, we will limit the food items or products being sold so that there are not multiple booths selling the same items.  Requests will be approved on a first come, first served basis. For example: the first team to email a request for hot dogs will be the only team to sell hot dogs.  All teams selling food may sell drinks as well. 
Teams hosting booths must provide their own tables, easy ups, garbage bags, and other needed supplies. 
Teams must collect payment for their goods sold or activities offered.  Tickets sold by the league are for the jumpers and should not be collected as payment at the team booths.
Due to electrical issues that were experienced last year, teams will be responsible for obtaining power via generators or other portable sources. We will not allow teams to access power from the school.  Please consider selling items or offering activities that require little or no power.
Teams will be assigned spaces with an area designated for power sources.  If you set up in an area that has not been assigned to you, you will be asked to move.
Items being sold or raffled and activities or games must be approved prior to Opening Day. Teams that make changes to their offerings without prior approval will be asked to close their booth.
Teams must remove their own garbage and clean their area after the event.
Working in a team sponsored booth does not qualify as volunteer hours for the volunteer fee reimbursement.  Volunteer forms will only be signed once the appropriate volunteer work has been verified by a board member.
If after reviewing the above information, you are interested in hosting a booth, please send me an email containing the following information: 

Contact Name 
Team Name (including Age Group) 
Item(s) requesting to be sold or activity to be offered 
For raffles, please include prizes that will be offered
Please contact me with any questions. 
Thank you, 
Tracy Williams
Communications, Activities and Promotions Director
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