[SSJ-Coaches] New transfer/add rule - MUST READ

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All competitive coaches,

Effective immediately, there is no longer a seven day waiting period for adds and transfers.

Transfers are eligible the day after accepting district approval. - This means Melinda not me

Adds are eligible the date of district approval - Again, Melinda not me

So once you turn in all proper paperwork and pass(if required) and I submit it to Melinda and she approves,
your player will be eligible for play.

However, I am not going to process these every night of the week just because you cant do paperwork timely.
If you want a transfer processed for the upcoming weekend, I MUST have all paperwork by Wed. of that week, no 
later than 9pm.  If it comes after, your out of luck, don't call with a sob story.  I have heard it all.

Melinda and I are not on call 24/7.

I have attached for your use a transfer/add form for your benefit.  If you are transferring a player the green section must be filled
in and turned into me signed by the parent and the releasing team with the player pass.  If I don't have it, SOL.

If you don't understand anything I have stated than I would find a time to meet with me for me to show you.

I am tired of babsitting a lot of these teams.  I am still waiting on items and I don't like looking at the documents 10 times to see 
what should have been there back in JUNE.

Thanks and have a good week.



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When I transfer a player or add, when are they eligible to play in a game?  Do they have to wait 7 days?  I know I saw 

something about the change but want to be sure.



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