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SSJYSL Scheduler (Claudio Fleiner) scheduler at ssjysl.org
Wed Aug 24 08:58:09 PDT 2011

Hello Coaches,

I'm about to do the schedule for October to the end of the season, here
a few points you should be aware of to avoid unnecessary emails and to
make the whole scheduling and rescheduling process go smooth and fast:

  * Some teams have changed their names on our website to match the one
    on CCSL, thank you very much (it might sound petty, but it makes it
    much faster to enter the schedule if I don't have to remember how to
    translate names from CCSL to our own system and it lowers the risk
    of mistakes considerably). I will not schedule anymore games for
    teams that cannot follow this simple rule (and if you prefer your
    SSJ team name feel free to change it back to what it was AFTER I
    scheduled the games by the end of the week). Thank you. (I believe
    the only two teams left that have a problem are the
    "Coach Liz Van Vliet"  and "SSJ The SSJ Force" and maybe some
    Arsenal teams, although I think they are correct (please check
    though, thanks).

  * For any email you send me PLEASE put your team name, gender and age
    group and request in the SUBJECT (don't just reply to this email for
    example). Otherwise I end up with sometimes dozens of emails with
    the same subject, makes it very hard to find yours when I need it
    (and while it is embarrassing I simply don't know all the team names
    of all coaches). A perfect email subject: *"U16B Adi needs to
    reschedule Oct 10 game"*. If you don't do this chances are I will
    not be able to find your email in the evening when working on
    schedules and nothing will happen. Please send your emails to
    *scheduler at ssjysl.org* (they end up in a special folder)

  * If you need to reschedule a game to a *different day* you need to :
     1. find a free spot on our schedule (a field that has no games is
        most likely not available, feel free to ask though). But keep in
        mind that Santa Teresa games end at 5pm, Gunderson at 6pm, no
        exception and the only fields available on Sunday are Bernal
        Oval, Herman and Oakridge.
     2. Contact your opponent and get him to agree
     3. Let me know about the new time range and date for the game (and
        also which game with date and time you want to move). Please
        don't give me game numbers, they are not useful, include the
        email from your opponent (or at least say that they agree,
        otherwise I will have to send an email to you to ask about that)
     4. Please wait with rescheduling requests until the complete
        schedule is done (including all comp and rec games). We are
        quite early this year, so that should not be a problem.

  * If you need to reschedule a game to a *different time on the same
    day *let me know, including the reason (I'm too lazy to get up for
    an 8:30 game is not a good reason...). Note that the schedule is
    done to make sure early and late games have opponents that are
    close, same age group play after each other so the same refs can do
    them, no holes, for the same reason, coaches that coach two teams
    have back-to-back games,  field size/quality is taken into
    consideration, and we want to maximize use of turf fields. By asking
    for a different time you almost certainly create a problem for the
    games, other coaches, field coordinator and/or ref scheduler. (if
    opponents ask for a different time without giving a reason don't
    bother to forward the email, not going to happen).
    Again: please wait until all schedules are done.

  * You have to cancel or reschedule a game no later than Thursday, 8pm
    before the weekend of the game. If you cancel later you will have to
    pay the referee (if your opponent cancels tell them that they will
    have to pay the refs for the rescheduled game). If you cancel the
    game on Thursday CC our ref scheduler Christine as she is the one
    that needs to know by 8pm.

If you have any further questions please let me know,

Thanks, and good luck with your games!


Please make sure to add team name, age, gender to the subject of any email you send me

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