[SSJ-Coaches] no more scheduling for now

SSJYSL Scheduler (Claudio Fleiner) scheduler at ssjysl.org
Wed Aug 24 21:51:17 PDT 2011

As some teams found out the schedule is still very much in flux, home
games get changed to away games, in other cases opponents change, etc.
I will therefore stop all scheduling until I hear that these problems
have been resolved.
This also means that any currently scheduled game may have to be
scheduled for a different time/field, so I suggest you do not upload
anything quite yet.

Once I get the "All Clear" I will send out an email and ask all coaches
to tell me which games are wrong so they can be fixed.

Sorry for any confusion that might cause.


Please make sure to add team name, age, gender to the subject of any email you send me

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