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Wed Aug 24 22:11:12 PDT 2011

 Coaches FYI
Here are the instructions for entering time and field on the CCSL website:
	1. Log onto the CCSL website with your username and password.
	2. On the left hand side of the window, you will see TeamStaff.  Under this click on My Team (if you have more than one team, select which team you are updating).
	3. Under My Team, select Matches.  This will give you a list of all matches (home and away).  
	4. For each Home game, you need to select the Match # (which should be in blue).  This will lead you to a page that allows you to add the time (time must be reported in military time) and field for that game.  You will need to select each home game individually to make these changes.
	5. Once you have entered the time and field, you must click on “Update” to save the information.
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