[SSJ-Coaches] check your games, let me know which ones are wrong

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Wed Aug 24 22:30:24 PDT 2011

Below the reason for this mess (and our U11B Arsenal Red is one of the
teams that decided two days ago it absolutely had to change bracket). I
suggested that for future seasons any change (drop out, joining,
changing bracket) should only be done if the team pays a $500 fine.
For now please send me any scheduled game on our website that is not a
home game on the CCSL website, and any home game between Sept 1 and Oct
15 for which no game has been scheduled on our website. I will then fix
those games before scheduling the rest of the season at some later time.


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Try as we might, teams are like living things and they change.   Much as we hate it, teams change.   In the last 48 hours, we have had two teams join CCSL Coast, 3 teams drop out, and 6 teams successfully argue for  a bracket change.   Each and every one of these changes takes about an hour to implement.   

Part of that time is keeping the impacted teams up to date.    I post in the What's New on the website home page and I send a bulk email to the primary contact of each team.   

Personally, the demands that the league are placing on the two volunteers that are running the entire league is overwhelming.   

I can NEVER promise that there will be no more changes.  In the past, I have seen changes even after the season starts.   But I can assure you that I don't want to be making any of these changes and with every passing hour resist changes.   

I am NOT aware of any more changes coming down the pike for BU11.    Watch What's New on the home page for the latest.


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Subject: CCSL games are still moving around???

Hi John,

I downloaded a spreadsheet on August 19, and there I have the following

63219     10/9/2011     Sun     
    Unspecified     CCSLCoast     U11     SSJ Arsenal BU11 Red     OV

However, when I look now that game is completely different:

63219   10/9/2011       Sun
                        CCSLCoast       U11     Mission SF Green 2000  
OV Spartans

How am I supposed to schedule games if they still get changed? This is not the only example, there are several other ones.

For now I will stop all scheduling activities until I get a message that my home games no longer change.

Thanks, Claudio

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