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Claudio Fleiner (SSJYSL Web) rec at ssjysl.org
Wed Aug 31 11:42:44 PDT 2011

Hello coaches,

now that the schedule is mostly done a few words regarding your team
webpage and what you can use it for:

  * It shows all your home game (comp teams and U12 and older rec teams:
    you must check that the scheduled games correspond to the play
    league schedule you participate in, either CCSL, Playthrough or with
    Mt Hamilton, the latter has not yet been published though). *For
    comp teams: you are responsible to upload the home game info to the
    CCSL page, and to update it when your home game gets rescheduled.*
  * If you have away games or tournament games you can add those to your
    webpage by editing it, so that your parents have one place to go for
    an up-to-date game calendar.
  * You and your parents get a link that can be used with many calendar
    applications: it will automatically add games and practice sessions
    to the calendar. You might want to let your parents know.
  * You can create a mailing list for your parents using your team
    webpage, and older teams can also create one for their players.
  * You can publish success stories and have them show up on our front
    page for SSJYSL
  * You can upload up to two large and one small picture. One of the
    large pictures is randomly chosen for the front page!
  * Any coach, assistant coach and team manager listed is automatically
    added to our mailing lists and will get emails for game changes,
    coaches info, etc. Make sure to keep that data up-to-date!
  * For help with editing the webpage click here:

If you have any question regarding the webpage please let me know.

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