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Like always they change everything each year.  You will now have to enter your rosters.  Instructions are below.

Read them and follow them and you will have no problem.  


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You are receiving this message as a Coach or Manager of a team playing in the CCSL Coast section. That is a team in a Copper, Bronze or Silver division. The website used to run this section is at www.CCSLCoast.org Other Sections and Regions may have different instructions and are on a different website. 


Game cards will be printed from the rosters entered on the www.CCSLCoast.org site. We are NOT going to try to import rosters from LeagueOne this season. If you entered your roster on the www.calsoccerleague.org website, sorry, you will need to do it again at www.CCSLCoast.org. Please take the time now to update your roster. If your team played in the Coast Section Spring League, your spring roster is still active for your team and simply needs to be updated. 

To view your roster, LogOn and go to TeamStaff : My Team-ViewRoster. 

To edit your roster, LogOn and go to TeamStaff:Application . There you will see links to Edit Roster and Add a Player. Use Edit Roster first to drop any players not on your current team. Drop the player by clicking on the “Red X” to the right of their name and confirm the deletion. Then use the pull down at the top of that list to see if any players you wish to add are already in the database. If they are you can quickly add them. If the new player is not in the pulldown, you must visit theTeamStaff:Application-AddNewPlayer page to enter them into the database. If the name you add is already in the database, you will get an red error message. Modify the name by adding a middle name, middle initial or even just a period to make a unique name in the database. The database needs to have each name be unique and there are a number of players with “Jessica Smith” or “Jose Gonzales” as names. 

Hint: enter the player’s jersey number in the optional information area so it prints on the game card! 

When you are finished go to TeamStaff : My Team-ViewRoster to review your roster and ensure that the names and CYSA ID's match your player passes. 

You can edit your roster at any time during the season if you add or drop a player. Do not put Guest Players on your online roster. They must be hand written on the game card. 

Roster Limitations 

8v8 teams, U9-U11 
Maximum Roster = 18 Players 
Match Day Roster (including guests) = 14 Players 

11v11 teams U12-U15 
Maximum Roster = 18 Players 
Match Day Roster (including guests) = 18 Players 

11v11 teams U16-U19 
Maximum Roster = 22 Players 
Match Day Roster (including guests) = 18 Players 

Please keep working on getting your game schedules posted. Remember you are required to have games posted a minimum of 5 days before the game, but please do it much, MUCH earlier than that! 

Best Regards 
Sandra Todd 
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