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Coaches and Managers, 
Through Christmas Day 2011, we’ll award a total of $2,000 (1,000 for each tournament) in fee reductions to applicants who apply at a time that includes 12:25 in this order in the mm:ss of the application time stamp (hh:mm:ss).  Total prize will be equally divided between the winning entries.  Maximum winning is limited to the registration fee. 
Il Torneo dei Presidenti – February 18/19, 2012 – B/G U8-U14 Bronze/Silver/Gold 
Northern Californa Spring Showcase – March 3/4, 2012 – B/G U13-U19 – Silver Elite/Gold/Premier 
Juventus is hosting tournaments for over 40 years and added to our experience is the desire to address all the negative/unpleasant aspects our teams encountered as participants in other tournaments. 
Beginning with the TD answering a phone call or an email promptly and ending with the hotel your team would like to stay in, our approach is to put our guests first and make it as easy and pleasant for you as possible: 
·     Check-in– no Friday night mandatory check-in that put a time and money hardship on the teams; 
·     Schedules– input is sought from the teams such that coaching and other conflicts are addressed in the best way possible; 
·     Consolation/Final games– more and more tournaments cut costs by eliminating the 3rd place Consolation game.  All our divisions with more than 6 teams include Consolation games. 
·     Fields– we use artificial turf fields exclusively and give the participants no reasons to worry about rain-outs, field closures, loss of play time and fee; 
·     Hotels– although we reserve blocks of rooms in several hotels we do not add a $10-$20/room mark-up and force the teams to stay in these hotels as other tournaments do.  In fact, most of the hotel rates for our tournament go for under $100/night; 
Merry Christmas! 
Teddy Ciupitu 
Tournament Director

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