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18th Annual Rogue Valley Cup Soccer Tournament is now accepting teams.

The Rogue Valley Cup Soccer Tournament is accepting US Club and USYSA teams. May 
28, 29, 30, 2011 - Memorial Day Weekend in Medford Oregon

Ages: U-10 thru U-19 Boys and Girls

Teams invited from WA, OR, CA, NV, ID, UT, HI, CAN, 

4 game min. guarantee for Saturday and Sunday, and a 5th game for teams making 
it to the Championship or Consolation round on Monday morning.

Medals for all 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, places teams and a Championship trophy for 
the 1st place team

18th Annual Goalie Wars is on Saturday night. Still free to the Keepers and the 
fans, with 1st place Keeper Jerseys and 2nd place Keeper Gloves to each age 
group and gender.

We will be utilizing a total of 18 fields in the Medford and 7 of which are 
artificial turf. 

Currently accepting and approving teams now and through the April 15th 2011 

Register at www.rvcupsoccer.com -- Questions at soccermd at cdsnet.net 

Thank you,

Mike Dunn
President and Founder

Rogue Valley Cup - Tournament Q & A

Q - Have you ever been to a $600-$700 soccer tournament and felt like it was 
more of a fund raiser for the local club, than a soccer tournament, because they 
haven't put anything back into the tournament?
A - Rogue Valley Cup has always supplied team benches, team water jugs, canopies 
over the team benches, 3 man ref teams, free programs, free player pins, 3 game 
balls, porta potties and hand washing stations for 18 years!

Q - Are you tired of going to soccer tournaments that only offer a 3 game min 
and charge more than us?
A - Rogue Valley Cup for 18 years has always had a 4 game min and 40% of the 
teams go on to play a 5th on Monday morning at 8:00 am for 3rd & 4th place 
medals or 10:00 am for 1st & 2nd place medals.

Q - Are you tired of going to tournaments that only give you a patch or plaque 
when you win?
A - Rogue Valley Cup for 18 years has always given over 1300 large colorful 1st, 
2nd, 3rd, 4th, place medals to players and coaches, each and every year.

Q - Are you tired of tournaments that charge you for parking or charge you to 
participate in Goalie Wars?
A- Rogue Valley Cup never has charged for parking, Goalie Wars admission and 
never will, and it just isn't right!

Q - Are you tired of playing the same local teams and want to see how your team 
measures up to some of the best in the West and North West? 

A - 65% of the teams that compete in the Rogue Valley Cup travel from 3 -17 
hours away, from 6 surrounding states and 1/3 of all teams that are accepted are 
Gold, Silver and Bronze State Cup Medalists in their respective states.

Q - When is the deadline to register my team and what are the chances of being 
A - We start accepting teams in January and the 1st deadline is April 15th, 2nd 
one is May 1st. Typically 75% of teams that register before March 15th are 
acepted, but less than 40% of teams that try to register between March 15 and 
April 15 are accepted. Coaches can register their team now and not complete 
their online roster till May 1st. The team fees can be paid between now or up 
till April 15 and with late fees May 1. So if you know that you want to 
participate in the Rogue Valley Cup, registering sooner is better than later, 
especially since we have one the highest percentage rates of returning teams in 
the entire North West!

Q - How do I find our more about the Rogue Valley Cup and where do I register? 
Who do I contact if I have more questions?
A - Our tournament website is www.rvcupsoccer.com and for additional questions, 
contact Mike Dunn at soccermd at cdsnet.net 

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