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January 22-23, 2011
Anaheim, California
Below is a list of available Openings.
First teams that make payment will be accepted in the tournament

BU-9 (1 opening) 
BU-10 (2 openings) 
BU-11 (2 openings) 
BU-12 (2 openings) 
BU-13 (1 opening) 
BU-14 (2 openings) 

GU-8 (1 opening)
GU-9 (1 opening)
GU-10 (1 opening)
GU-11 (1 opening)
GU-12 (2 openings)
GU-13 (1 opening)
GU-14 (1 opening)

If I can be of any help to you or your team, feel free to contact me. 
Anthony Prata
Tournament Director
Anaheim Futbol Club (Anaheim FC)
Email: AnaheimCup at aol.com
Telephone:(714) 826-5489

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