[SSJ-Coaches] Rules for MVP

Bruce Yost bruce_yost at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 25 09:26:21 PST 2011


I hope you and your teams are enjoying the 2010-2011 Futsal San Jose Winter Session.  However, there are a few rules that I need all teams to observe concerning games at MVP Arena:

The main futsal court is the only area that is being rented by Futsal San Jose on Saturdays and Sundays.  Players, coaches, parents and/or fans should not be entering Arena Field 2 (outdoor field) or Futsal Court 2 (small Futsal court next to the larger Futsal court). These areas are off limits for Futsal San Jose teams.  If we continue to have issues with players and parents/coaches on these surfaces, FSJ will be forced to take action against the offending team(s). Please help us out in this area.

Also, warm up areas outside of the Futsal area is at your own risk.  This also includes the parking lots as there have been teams that are warming up and playing prior to their games there.  Coaches should be advised that if a player is injured while warming up on a non-Futsal surface at MVP such as the parking lot, the insurance provided by Futsal San Jose will not cover that instance.  That would have very dire consequences for all.

Coaches, we must rely on you to coordinate these matters with your players and parents.  Please communicate these rules to all concerned.  If violations of these rules continues, the league will be forced to deny teams games until they can abide by the facility rules.   

Best of luck as you finish out the winter session.

Yours in soccer,

Bruce Yost
President, FSJ


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