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Here is an FAQ about Spring League.  I've gathered the most commonly asked questions that have come up in the last two weeks.  I will also forward this to league and club contacts from the CCSL Fall Committe but encourage you to forward to your clubs and teams.  

Sandra Todd
CCSL Coast and Bay Spring League

What is the spring playing league?
The CCSL Coast and Bay Spring League is strictly a developmental league.  As such there are no awards and teams are allowed to 'self select' the appropriate playing level/bracket. Teams that request a significantly different playing bracket than their previous fall season will be asked for further supporting documentation and may be moved.   Results do not apply to bracketing in the Fall season of CCSL.   We will support brackets from Copper to Gold and age groups from U8 to U19 (depending on number of applying teams). 
Where do my teams apply?
Application for the spring playing league is done at www.ccslcoast.org  Your teams do NOT need to register at the www.calsoccerleague.org website.  The spring league link at www.calsoccerleague.org is ONLY for teams not in our local districts.
What is the fee?  Who do I pay?
The fee is $250 for 11v11 teams (U11-U19) and $100 for 8v8 teams (U8-U10) if you apply on or before February 16. Between February 17 and February 26 the fee goes up to $350 for 11v11 teams and $200 for 8v8 teams. Team fees are not collected at application. Your local club/league registrar will verify that you are a valid team and registered with them.  Your local club/league registrar will collect the fee and pass it to the playing league.  
When do I apply?
Application is open now.  A late fee of an additional $100 will apply after Feb 16th.  Applications received after Feb 26th will be placed on a wait list and only accepted if a bracket needs teams to make for optimal play. 
When does the season start?  How long is it?
The first weekend is April 2.  It is an 8 game season, no games scheduled on Memorial Day weekend, although it can be used as a makeup weekend.   Spring Cup is June 4/5 it will have a separate application process
How do I know who has already applied?
There is a "Teams Applied" link on the home page.  From there you can see what teams, have applied by age groups, brackets, etc.  
How do my teams apply?
Log on using a SiteName that is attached to the team you wish to apply for.  Fill out the simple application on the "TeamStaff:Application" page.  Use the "Update" button to store it, then hit "Submit".  See the questions below for finding your SiteName and Team if you do not already have it. 
What brackets will each age group have?  
It will depend on the number of teams applied to each bracket, however we offer
U19 to U14   Gold, Silver Elite, Silver A/B, Bronze A/B and Copper A/B
U13 to U11 - Gold, Silver Elite, Silver A/B, Bronze A/B and Copper A/B
U10 - Silver Elite, Silver A/B, Bronze A/B and Copper A/B
U9 – Silver A/B, Bronze A/B and Copper A/B
U8 - Bronze A/B and Copper A/B
I applied but now my circumstances have changed and I want to change my application
Logon and you can update your team information at any time.  If you need to change your application use the "Update" button to store the new information then hit "Submit” to apply again with the changed information. Changes are NOT recorded in your application unless you “Submit” them.  
How do I find out if I am in the database?  What is my SiteName?
Teams that played in fall were entered into the database using the CYSA LeagueOne registration information, not GotSoccer (fall playing league software) information. LeagueOne is the CYSA database used by league registrars to register teams and players.  Teams do not have access to LeagueOne.  CYSA Registered adults were added to the database along with the correct CYSA team name and age group.  Many adults received a welcome email with a password for www.ccslcoast.org.  However any one can check if they are in the database by going to the directory and searching for their[A1]  name in the directory  http://www.ccslcoast.org/directory  Clicking on the number beside the name will let the user know what teams  that SiteName is already affiliated  with.  Users log on using the name that is listed in the directory.  Users who have forgotten their password can request a new one from the log on page.  
How do I find if a team is already in the database so I can register them? 
If you do not see your team affiliated with your name, you can check the listing of teams from your club.  Go to "Clubs" and click on the right most column by your club's name.  If you select the team you can see what adults are affiliated with it. 
OK, I see my name and I see my team, but I'm not affiliated with the team so I can't do anything!
You can ask the listed coach or manager of the team to link you to the team. If there is no coach or manager, or the person listed is no longer with the team, you can email the webmaster at webmaster at ccslcoast.org to add you.  You will need to provide some info, or copy your registrar so we know you are legit!
I am a new team as of this season
Follow the instructions on the "Application" page to add yourself as a new person to the database, then to add your team as a new team, before applying.  Include the team ID number your  registrar has given you if you have it.  Then you will fill out the "Application" and "Submit" it
How/when will I add my roster?
You won't!  We will load the rosters from the CYSA LeagueOne database after your roster is entered and approved by your registrar during your club's registration process.  Expect rosters to be uploaded in late March.  
I'm still stuck!
Email webmaster at ccslcoast.org with computer/website/password questions, email director at ccslcoast.org with other questions.  


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