[SSJ-Coaches] Fw: 2011 Magic Cup III - July 30th. & July 31st. - Seeking a few teams

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Subject: 2011 Magic Cup III - July 30th. & July 31st. - Seeking a few teams


The Magic Cup III tournament scheduled on July 30th and July 31st in Morgan 
is seeking a few more teams to complete their brackets.  We are specifically 
 for 1 or 2 teams in the following age groups (current season): 

   U10 Boys,  U13 Boys,  U10 Girls, U13 Girls, U14 Girls and U16 Girls

Registration fee:  U10/U11:  $ 400.00;  U12 and above:  $ 550.00.   Register 

via www.gotsoccer.com. ;  For more details go to www.cvysl.org. ; We are a US 

sanctioned event but, will also accept CYSA player credentials.


Gabriel Montalvo
Tournament Director
Central SC Valley YSL
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