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Below is a list of teams that have signed up on the CCSL website.  Everyone has not signed up.  Your last day is tomorrow.
If you are not signed up by tomorrow than you will not be playing in the fall.  If you need help than you better talk to me tomorrow.


Teams Signup:

Arsenal         Gu10
Jaguars        Gu10
Extreme       Gu16  - Editing be sure to go in and hit submit
Arsenal         Bu12
Arsenal Blue Bu11
Strikers        Gu10
FC Dragons   Bu12
Force            Gu14
Earthquakes  Gu11
Shockwave    Gu11
Thundercats    Gu12
Panthers        Gu15
Arsenal Red    Bu11
Arsenal          Bu10
Aftershocks   Gu13
Electric Blue   Gu14
Force             Bu10
Adi                 Bu16
Lions              Bu13
Los Rayados   Bu12
FC  93B          Bu19
Jayhawks        Bu14
Moctezuma      Bu11

Only these teams are playing fall so far.


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