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All, one last point.  The Rec uniforms, may only be worn until the beginning of the Fall 2012 season.  At that point, all uniforms for comp teams who are not part of the Arsenal shall be in the Gold Tiro 11 uniform.  Also, if during this interim period you choose to wear the Rec uniform, you will NOT recieve the $30 uniform reimbursement as that cost will be used to purchase the Rec uniforms.
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Please see my responses below.
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Hi Pat,Can you clarify the rules around these uniforms? I know a few of the coaches have some questions. 
Are we only to be required to wear them in league play or CYSA? Both
 We can wear our own jerseys for tournaments and non CYSA play correct? Only non cysa events.
Are the names and numbers to be royal blue on each? Yes
We are allowed to put our team logos on these jerseys? Yes
We can add numbers and logos to shorts as well. Yes
Can we get a third blue jersey option at least? Both of my teams would be willing to get three jerseys and would prefer a non all yellow look. No we have chosen yellow as a set uniform for our comp teams.
Is it an option to get the rec jerseys instead at no extra cost?yes
Is there a separate womens option in this style? The boys and girls will have the same look correct? Yes but my opinion with the girls I have coached is they actually prefer the regular uniforms over the womens one.
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I will need to know what teams are planning to purchase new uniforms this Fall so Asby's can make sure they have enough uniforms for July. This way teams that are participating in August tournaments will have their new uniforms. I have attached the samples that did not go through on yesterdays email.
Below is the pricing for Adidas Tiro 11 kits. In addition I have included what they can give to us as a signing bonus. Please note, that as soon as Asby's has a better idea of what the numbers are for the league they can try to get something more from Adidas over and above what they are already offering but there is no guarantee yet. 

Adult kit: $95 (includes: 2 Tiro 11 jerseys, 1 Tiro 11 shorts, 1 Formotion Elite socks, 2 # applications, 2 SSJ logos 
Tiro 11 Jersey: $35
Tiro 11 Short: $14
Formotion Elite Socks: $11
Youth kit: $88 (includes: 2 Tiro 11 jerseys, 1Tiro 11 shorts, 1 Formotion Elite socks, 2 # applications, 2 SSJ logos
Tiro 11 Jersey: $32
Tiro 11 Shorts: $13
Formotion Elite Socks: $11

-The whole league will get $1000 worth of game quality Adidas soccer balls which totals 40 of the Adidas Speedcell Replique, which retails $25 each. 
- In addition, 1 coach per team will receive $100 retail value towards a coaches package. To make this easier to handle I would like for you to decide on a common package for the coaches. This will both keep all of the coaches uniformed and make it easier to stock. 
---On the team uniforms 40% off the retail price, plus tax and shipping----plus printing costs if needed(charges determined on what needs to be printed).
---All club members to receive 20% off the retail prices for item bought in store----does not include items already marked down----does include all newly released products---additional 10% will be given on marked down items. 
Team Uniform Order Process:--- 
---Software will be in place where individual team members will be able to order and pay on line---only involvement for the individual team coaches/managers will be to enter the players names and email information on a spread sheet----this is to facilitate the system to generate unique password and log-in id's for each player.  Deadlines can be set my managers when the players must order by, and reports of missing players easily available. 
Pleas let me know if you have any questions. 
 <Adidas Yellow Shirt.jpg><Addida Yellow Shorts.jpg>_______________________________________________
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