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Application deadline is April 1 for National Adult Leagues U-20 Division
National Adult Leagues website | U-20 Division application | US Club Soccer website
CHARLESTON, S.C. (March 8, 2011)– Teams interested in joining US Club Soccer’s new National Adult Leagues U-20 Division have until April 1 to apply to take part in the inaugural season, which will kick off in May 2011. Online applications are available on the National Adult Leagues website.
Consistent with US Club Soccer’s goal of providing a vehicle through which clubs can offer life-long soccer to their members, the National Adult Leagues are comprised of high-quality, competitive and low-cost local leagues for men and women which provides a structure for adult soccer in the United States.
At the core of the program are the principles that team standing should be determined on the field, and that promotion and relegation should decide the standing of a club. Within a clearly-defined framework and structure, clubs may now progress from local to regional, and regional to national competition based on their on-field performance. Clubs also have the opportunity to play exclusively local.
The inaugural season of US Club Soccer’s National Adult Leagues U-20 Division will kick off in May 2011, but eventual plans also include a U-23 Division and an Open Division.
Aimed at providing top-level competition for current and potential collegiate players, the inaugural season of the National Adult Leagues U-20 Division will run through July and include 8 to 10 regular-season games.
The 2011 National Adult Leagues U-20 Division National Championship will be held July 29 – Aug. 1 at Hubbard Soccer Fields in Boise, Idaho, in conjunction with US Club Soccer’s National Cup X Finals. Participation in this event will not require an additional team entry fee.
The summer time frame for the National Adult Leagues U-20 Division coincides with the collegiate offseason and allows players to prepare for preseason with continued development opportunities throughout the summer. Plans for the U-23 and Open divisions include year-round play.
 Following the successful world model of full integration at all ages, US Club Soccer’s National Adult Leagues intend to expand adult soccer at all levels of play, thereby allowing clubs to connect youth and adult soccer seamlessly and develop “members for life.” 
For more information, please visit US Club Soccer’s National Adult Leagues Web site at http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=emvasyn6&et=1104764512015&s=121249&e=0011TXVgwvMXBu4LgYa2I7uUmbm--0161hK1E9MOK7xIT4fTaclwxY2tx1fby8tYwgpFSrWy_X8FFswOIUbWWWMwgDuzeDqt-yH9oNaPGL8gIuJf_HmiwkHcOej9FWwHUbg.
If your club or league is interested in joining, please contact Rob Napier at rnapier at nationaladultleagues.com or (800) 568-9775.
About US Club Soccer:
US Club Soccer is a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop competitive club soccer in the United States. A member of the United States Soccer Federation since July 2001, US Club Soccer has grown to include member clubs and leagues in all 50 states. In addition to sanctioning and administering tournaments, leagues and other competitions as well as offering a range of programs for its members, US Club Soccer annually conducts the National Cup. US Club Soccer also directs its own player identification and development program – id2.
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