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Eric Simons ricklions at att.net
Sun Mar 27 18:34:56 PDT 2011

 ALL  FIELDS WILL REMAIN CLOSED UNTIL TUESDAY.  Monday we will let them dry out 
and be ready to go Tuesday.


The rain may have stop but the grass fields need time to dry out! 

Any team found practicing at any park or school practice field on Monday will 
have their practice days revoked at the field that they are assigned to.  


GAME DAY - weekends I will send out a e-mail to all coaches by 7:10 AM if the 
weather has caused the games fields to not be playable.  Also I will have a 
message on my soccer line Saturday or Sunday morning after 7:10 AM.  Do not call 
before as I maybe out at the fields seeing if they are playable.
If in doubt, about the weather, during the week call the soccer line at any 

Competitive teams, do not cancel on your own home games, because you could be 
responsible to pay the referees if the game is not canceled by the league.  
Games on turf fields will not be canceled by me.  Turf fields should be playable 
in almost all weather conditions.  The center referee will be the individual to 
cancel any games he feels is dangerous to the players on turf fields.
Please take a moment to go into the web site and insure that your team has been 
assigned to the field that you are practicing on.  I have been informed by some 
fields coordinators that they are seeing teams at some school that have not been 
assigned to their field.
Also, some of you have send me e-mails requesting assignments to fields and have 
not received any feedback from me.  I have informed Claudio that I have not been 
receiving e-mail that are being sent by coaches that have used the school site 
web page field coordinators e-mail to contact me.  Where these e-mail end up I 
do not know.  But those coaches that have not received a response from me use my 
e-mail address noted below, not the school's web address.
During the spring/summer baseball has priority at numerous fields.  We are 
allowed to use them as long baseball is not using them or if space is available 
for both sports.   If baseball is there, your team will need to move if space is 
not available.
Should your field have goals make sure to re-lock the lock when you remove the 
goals.  Numerous locks have gone missing when a coach goes over to return and 
the lock the goals only to find the chain and locks gone.  Lock the lock and 
chain to the fence or to the goal.  Do not leave the lock and chain laying on 
the ground. 
I am looking for someone to become fields coordinator for Gunderson High 
School.  If you are interested please let me know and I will discuss the 
responsibility that go along with the position.  Make sure you leave me a 
telephone number that I can reach you during the day or evening.

Please director any field questions to me at ricklions at att.net  
Eric (Rick) Simons
Fields Director
ricklions at att.net
(408) 227-4163
Soccer Line 
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