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        Hello Coaches,

        Please review the registration info. in the attachment and start the registration process for your team.  The three main points are summarized below:

        1.  Teams applying for Silver Elite, Gold and Premier Brackets - Deadline is May 15 


        Teams applying to this level should be prepared for an increased level of travel and must to be available to play on any Saturday or Sunday from Sept to Nov.  Game rescheduling is severely restricted at this level. 


        The application period is open NOW.  Applications will close on May 15th.  Late applications will only be accepted under exceptional circumstances.  Please apply and finish your application prior to the deadline.  You will be able to update and amend your application until the closing date. 


        BEFORE starting the application process, a team must: 

        ·         decide who will be responsible for managing the application and answering inquires 

        ·         gather all relevant seeding information, including tournament and Cup results, and other team history 

        ·         know the club’s rules on team name structure 

        ·         know the club’s official responsible for team verification (the person authorized to verify that the team is supported by the club to play at the Silver Elite, Gold or Premier level) 

        ·         names and CYSA ID’s for at least 7 returning players 


        Teams apply at www.calsoccerleague.org  Select the Fall 2011 Applications link 

        ·         Each team will have only one log on and password, it is team specific and may be shared. 

        ·         Teams applying MUST use their complete team name, referencing their registration league or Club for example, SASC Hurricanes 98B, NOT  Hurricanes or Hurricanes 98 



        2.  Teams applying for Copper, Bronze and Silver Brackets - Deadline is June 15 


        Teams applying to Copper, Bronze and Silver will apply on the www.CCSLCoast.org website.  Teams will make use of their existing spring league account if they are a returning team.   The application process will be the same as Spring League. 


        ·         Application period will open May 1 and close on June 15th.  You will be able to update and amend your application until the closing date. 

        ·         Teams need to ensure they have at least TWO responsive contacts on their team profile with separate emails and in separate households 

        ·         Late applications will only be accepted on a space available basis and will be charged a late fee 



        3.  Documents needed for Registration -  Please submit as soon as you can 

        A)  Registration Form 1601 and fee is $150 + $40 (volunteer fees) per player.  


        B)  Pictures of all players and coaches must be sent to Rosemary (by email) in a folder with all names listed.  


        C)  Birth Cert. needed for all new players to comp soccer.  


        Paperwork should be submitted as soon as you can so Rosemary can prepare your package properly and in a timely manner.  DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE! 


        If you have any questions, please contact me. 


        Best Regards, 



        Anh Nguyen  
        SSJYSL Coast League Rep.
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